001 Atlas of title designs, a book on film credits, 21×28 cm, 128 pp, 2022
002 Animated poster for a Buster Keaton films festival, 1920×1080 px
003 The Mexican Standoff, a conceptual book with images from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 12×18.5 cm, 325 pp, 2021
004 Grenoble un modernisme olympique, a modernist architecture book with Look specific, 24×32 cm, 112 pp, 2023
005 Design of the architect Jean-Christophe Quinton’s website with Building Paris, Website
006 SCAU/Replay, book for SCAU architecture, 24×32 cm, 88 pp, 2023
007 Agora, a book about the work of the artist Eden Morfaux with Building Paris, 21×28 cm, 32 pp, 2019
008 Grenoble un modernisme olympique poster’s for book promotion, 841×1189 cm
009 TerraFibra, catalogue for the Terrafibra Award and Pavillon de l’Arsenal with Building Paris, 25×30 cm, 336 pp, 2021
010 Chicago Architecture Biennial nº5, visual identity, art direction with Helmo, Various supports
011 Visual identity of Collet Muller Architectes with Look specific, Various supports
012 Animated poster and video for Alexandrie, a Mucem exhibition, 1920×1080 px
013 Silk-screen research and experimentation on a poster for a Buster Keaton films festival, 67×118 cm
014 Design of Building Books website with Building Paris, Website
015 Prototype for the signage of IMVT, a school of architecture in Marseille, 480×660 mm
016 Promotional motion design for the launch of the loicaltaber.fr website, 1920×1080 px
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